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Donuts Unite Police and Probationer

Redford Township is a unique and dynamic community located outside of Detroit, Michigan. Facebook and free donuts earned the gratitude of local police after a probationer surrendered himself to them on October 16, 2017. Earlier this month the Redford police received a private Facebook message from 21 year old Michael Zadel: “get 1,000 shares on the [department’s] Facebook post and [he’d] hand himself over, along with donuts and a promise to clean up litter around public schools.” The police accepted the challenge with a public post proclaiming:  “Donuts!!!! He promised us donuts! You know how much we love Donuts!” Within ten days, the department’s post had been shared over 1000 times.

Prior to this post, the Redford police had threatened to block Zadel, known as  “Champagne Torino”, from commenting on the department’s Facebook page because of prior “veiled threats” and “an inability to engage in constructive dialogue.” However, true to his word, Zadel provided the arresting officers with donuts prior to his surrender. The following morning he was sentenced to 39 days in jail and ordered to pay court fees. The court did not order community service.

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